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11 & 12 February Smart Social Media Analytics Faircity Quatermain Hotel, Johannesburg View more
18 & 19 March Corporate Offshore Investment - Mauritius Faircity Quatermain Hotel, Johannesburg View more
14 April Gas and Petroleum Law Mozambique – Market Briefing (Maputo) Venue to be advised, Maputo View more
Eric Martin (PhD), Worldwide Social Media Analytics CTP Leader, IBM Europe

Specialties: Big Data, Big Data & Analytics, Software as a Service, Social Media Analytics, Customer Care & Insight, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, Text Mining, Voice of the Customer ...

David Graham, Digital Engagement Leader, Deloitte Consulting South Africa

Specialties: Multichannel, Content, Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, SEM, Research, Analytics, Maximising Social Media Productivity and ROI, Customer Engagement, Customer Targeted Content, Masterin ...



Latest Treaty Updates - MAURITIUS

For all the latest updates on the recent Mauritius treaties, click here. Courtesy of TreatyPro