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21 April Gas and Mining Law Mozambique – Market Briefing (Maputo) Radison Blu, Maputo View more
21 de Abril Lei de Gás e de Mineração Radisson Blu, Maputo View more
20 & 21 May 2015 Corporate Offshore Investment - Mauritius Faircity Quatermain Hotel, Johannesburg View more
4 June 2015 Content Marketing 2020 - Johannesburg Faircity Quatermain Hotel, Johannesburg View more
2 July 2015 Content Marketing 2020 - Cape Town Southern Sun Cape Sun, Cape Town View more


Latest Treaty Updates - MAURITIUS
For all the latest updates on the recent Mauritius treaties, click here.
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Customer Engagement - A new paradigm? -
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Mozambique's Petroleum Regulator Submits Review of Oil Laws
March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mozambique’s petroleum regulator said it has completed its review of the southern African nation’s oil law and submitted it to a ministerial council for discussion. Read more here. 
Courtesy of www.bloomberg.com 

Reinaldo Almeida, Legal Advisor, National Petroleum Institiute

Reinaldo Almeida is a senior lawyer with over 5 years experience in the petroleum sector. Currently he works as a legal advisor at the National Petroleum Institute, where he contributes for the ela ...

Jan Hutton - Marketing Director for Deloitte Consulting Africa

  • One of the World’s Top-50 Travel Marketers
  • Africa Top 100 Social Media Experts

Jan Hutton is employed as the Head of Brand and Marketing for Deloitte Consulting acr ...